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February 2018
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Working with Erom has been a very strategical relationship where I have learned so much more about myself and my business.

James Simms / Director of The EverLearner

The concept

At the core of the concept stands the online education, one in which the student is encouraged to perform on his own rhythm and to follow up with his own results, empowering him to manage his way of study and adjust it as he feels is best for himself.

At a deeper level, The Ever Learner is the student that wants to learn, even when facing different social or personal constraints. The ever learner student is a person that understands how each individual is a different one from another and so is the learning process for each individual.

The requirements

The platform main goal was to allow the students to study anytime, from any place, while also being able to ask their teachers for help. Another important feature was access to the progress achieved vs. progress recommended, both indicating score values and content seen.

While looking up to replace the traditional classroom and improve it, the TEL platform had to come up with an offer that would cover many user levels inside a school structure. Moreover, it came up with an offering for parents and tutors that would like to teach small groups of students - and even with one for individuals who want to learn by themselves. 

The classic assignments but with an enhanced experience

The assignments feature would enable teachers and tutors to guide the students throughout a course. An assignment comes with a variety of settings, such as type (watch lessons, take tests, upload essay, etc), minimum score, deadlines and many others.


Access to students performance was a key feature of the platform for both teachers and students.

Teachers needed to see at a glance how their students were doing with the learning. The dashboard offers insights about the general progress of a classroom and for each individual, as well. It registers the time spent watching lessons, practising with quizzes or taking tests.

Students access to their progress would help them to identify the areas where they need to improve.

Continuous communication between the student and the teacher is the cornerstone of The EverLearner learning model. 
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