"Using technology to humanize every classroom". The EverLearner is an online learning platform that helps both schools and individuals to learn at their own pace.


The EverLearner team needed a functional website where individuals or schools can enroll their students and learn diverse curricula (Physical Education, Spanish and more).


Creating the TEL website was a challenging project. Our aim was to combine the diverse functionalities of an online learning platform with intuitive UX and friendly, playful UI.

Working with Erom has been a very strategical relationship where I have learned so much more about myself and my business. Working with Erom's strategists has been a central feature of this. They are always skilled, knowledgeable and, importantly, honest with me about other and better ways of doing things. I very much appreciate this guidance and respect that any subject can be discussed and any challenge achieved.

James Simms - Director of The EverLearner
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