ClearTalents on Demand


ClearTalents on Demand provides a set of tools designed to make your office a better place. It improves working and recruiting conditions while making sure all processes are kept accessible.


This is an ongoing project and our goals change from time to time. The objective is to keep the tools secure and running smoothly while holding some time apart for improvements.


Our general approach goes towards simplicity and efficiency. Talking about server optimizations, security checks and improvements, adding new modules or just making sure everything works properly

Our involvement

One recent addition that we are particularly proud of is the change in the general approach to the customers – from the ‘corporate stiffness’ to a more friendly one. This change is present both in the design (bold clear sections, simple illustrations, an explaining video) and smooth functionality,

Erom Agency has always been there for us, demonstrating in-depth technical expertise and consistently outstanding client service. Don't mistake them for the usual web and software design agency - they ask questions, actually listen and thoroughly think things through before delivering a quality product. Even more importantly they take ownership of your problems and come back with solutions – a hassle free relationship that we plan to continue going forward on a variety of up-coming projects.

Gareth Headley | Commercial and Marketing Director – The Clear Company
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