The people behind Erom Agency

We strongly believe that a company's products and services are defined by the people behind that company.
A product is nothing more than a mix of ideas, ways of thinking and interactions between team members.
The team at Erom Agency values the power of crafting with passion and that is what our products reflect.

We say Octavian is the man with the vision, but you can call him a digital strategist. He makes sure all our projects take off in the right direction and the whole crew is in the right position.

He's as passionate about cooking as he is about digital. And he has no hard time admitting it.

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Irina takes care that everyone is happy and well. She's highly consistent in following up tasks and her meticulosity helps us stay on top of each project.

She's also the proud owner of a basil culture. She loves plants and plants love being around her. Pretty much like a fairy!

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Dan is our technical guru. He loves programming and he's the first to jump on a challenging project.

When he's not coding at the office, you can find him underwater. Probably teaching fishes (or mermaids) how to code.

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Felicia's our creative lead - the one with great ideas and a vivid imagination. Always sketching and always on the look for a better option.

Quality time for her means nature (most likely mountain hiking), drawing, tea and cats. There has to be tea. And cats... more cats!

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Marius is a passionate programmer, always on the look for new technology and better ways to code.

He loves the urban life - cultural events, concerts, that new place to hang out - he's been there. Oh, he was a junior kickboxing champion in his teens. No joke.

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Andreea is our young, talented designer. She has a keen eye for detail and loves to play with colours, a dominant feature in all her work.

She loves Japanese culture and she lives a double life: web designer at work, costume designer at night - she loves to cosplay.

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Mike is our financial guru. He loves the boring stuff: numbers, reports, exchange rates. He makes sure we get a pay slip a the end of the month and we highly appreciate that.

He's a loving father to a 5 yo girl and a toddler. He's also a huge fan of Manchester United.

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Alberto is our resident photographer. He takes all those pretty pictures we need to produce quality designs.

Besides photography, he loves the city's life and 19th-century architecture. In his spare time, he manages a cultural NGO and climbs tall buildings to take pictures.

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Adrian is our youngest and newest member - a talented programmer with a keen eye for design. He spends most nights in front of the PC, coding.

He used to teach robotics at a centre for children and youth.

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