Keep track of your time, directly in Active Collab

Just click start when your work begins and stop when you're done. No more "sync tasks" and other time wasters.


Insanely user-friendly and ENTIRELY FREE. Try it out!

A simple timer for essential needs

Right next to your tasks

Right next to your tasks

It was developed as a browser extension and it integrates seamlessly into your Active Collab interface.

Forget about desktop solutions, tasks synchronisation and other time wasters. Just log in to Active Collab and the timer is there.

It's like a shadow - it follows you but it doesn't get in the way

It's like a shadow - it follows you but it doesn't get in the way

The timer will follow you everywhere, even when you don't need it.

Yet, you can make it as small as an icon and place it anywhere on the screen. Just minimise it and hide it in a corner until you need to track time.

Know when the time is ticking

Know when the time is ticking

When the timer is on, it turns green. It will stay active, on top of the screen, while you may look into notes, other tasks or other projects.

If you want to go back to the task or project you're working on, just click on the links included in the timer.

It keeps the details of your last submission

It keeps the details of your last submission

If you did some billable programming work and took a break to go to lunch, it's likely you'll continue to do the same thing when you're back.

We thought we'll save you some extra clicks by storing the time entry details.

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Frequently asked questions

How can I get the browser Timer for Active Collab?

You can click the link on top of this page or search for it in the Google Web Store.

What versions of Active Collab does it work with?

It only works with Active Collab 5 and above.

Does it work with the self-hosted version?

We assume it does (you'll have to add your Active Collab installation URL in the settings area) but we never tested (we use the cloud version). Please get in touch if you want to use it in the self-hosted version and it doesn't work. We'd love to have a look.

What if I spot a bug?

Please get in touch and we'll have a look (when and if we feel like it - please understand we are providing this piece of software "as is" and we undertake no obligation to offer support or any kind of obligations whatsoever - use it if you want, or don't if you don't. It's entirely your responsibility).

How much does it cost?

It costs nothing. It's completely free. We built this for our internal use and we allow anyone to use for free. It's our way of giving something back to the society.

What browsers does it support?

For the moment it only works in Chrome, but we're working on a Firefox and an Opera version. Subscribe to our newsletter to find out when it happens.

Will the use of this timer affect working with the other Active Collab timer (the desktop version)?

No. It won't interfere in any way, you can even use them in parallel.

Do you offer support? Can you help if I want some improvements?

Yes, please get in touch for details.

Are you going to steal my project details?

No. Don't take our word, see for yourself.

Do you have a privacy policy for this project?

Yes, it's the following: "We do not track or store any information related to how and where you use this piece of software. The only data we have access to is the number of downloads and the number of active installs, provided by the Google Web Store."

Is this a product released by Active Collab?

No, it is made in entirely by Erom Agency and we are not affiliated to Active Collab.

Updates and changelog
Version 1.0.0 - October 14th, 2016
Version 1.0.0 - October 14th, 2016


– Published version 1.0.0 in Google Web Store



Extra details:

– for information about previous releases, see the Github repository.


Get the browser timer for Active Collab.

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